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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the device work ?

The palm-sized device goes behind your existing switchboard and connects to your Home WiFi to let you control the switches through the Picostone App and voice control them through Alexa or google Home.

You can still operate your lights/fans through your physical switches as well

Do I need smart lights for this device to work?

No. This device converts your existing lights into smart lights. It works with all brands of lights and fans available in the market.

How many and what all switches can it control?

One device can control upto 4 of your switches in the same switchboard.

You can use them in any configuration (eg: 3 lighting switches, 1 fan switch or 2 lighting switches and 2 fan switches or All lighting switches)

Each switch can control upto 230 Watts. That means it can control around upto 10 (20 watts) leds lights per switch port.

Can we regulate the fanspeed and dim the lights using this device?

Yes, you can change the fanspeed of the fan through our App and Voice Assistants.

For dimming your lights, if you already have dimmable lights, then you can control the dimming through the App and Alexa, but the device doesn't convert your non-dimmable lights into dimmable lights.

How will the installation work?

Our team will schedule a visit to your home to install the product as soon as it is delivered. The installation process takes only 15 minutes. Make your home SMARTER in only 15 minutes.

What is the warranty on this product?

This product has a one year direct replacement warranty.

For any issues even after the warranty period, our team is always ready to make sure you have a seamless experience with product.

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